Pandemic Bread Goes to the Movies

A story about my day job as an interpreter went from an online performance on Generation Women’s virtual stage; to online publication in Zocalo Public Square; to an abbreviated version published in the San Diego Decameron Project; to an onstage reading at the Cygnet Theater; to a film adaptation, directed by award-winning filmmaker Zeinabu Irene Davis.

Undergrad and graduate students worked on the crew

The film stars acclaimed actors Princess Punzalan, Claire Simba and Becca Godinez, with original music composed by Cecile Azarcon, and a screenplay written by Marc Chery. The twenty minute movie was produced on the tightest of budgets, with undergraduate and graduate students of film from four universities serving as film crew under the guidance of Zeinabu, and seasoned industry professionals, including cinematographers Norbert Shieh and Nate Elegino, and sound engineer Luis Cobra. This invaluable experience earned those students their first IMDB credit.

Norbert Shieh films a scene with Luis Cobra recording dialogue
Nate Elegino, flying the flag
I baked multiple loaves for the 5 day shoot and earned a credit as both Baker and Writer!
With the marvelous Zeinabu Davis!

Pandemic Bread will have its world premiere at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (LAAPFF) on Thursday May 11. The LAAPFF is an Academy-qualifying festival, the largest one for Asian American films in Southern California. For more information and to purchase tickets, click on this link:


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