Authors in the Tent

I am honored and delighted to be part of Authors in the Tent, a series of filmed interviews featured in Literary Hub and hosted by San Diego novelist Ona Russell. Previous guests include such distinguished writers as the German novelist Bernhard Schlink, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hector Tobar and Representative Adam Schiff.

Ona films the interviews in a tent in her backyard adorned with panels of acclaimed authors of past eras.

Apart from noise from the occasional airplane flying overhead, it was a lovely set
The professional production involved at least two cameras, a sound engineer, make-up artist and caterer

Ona filmed five interviews in one day, changing into a new outfit for each conversation.

Our 40 minute conversation covered a surprisingly wide range of topics, from The Mango Bride and Pandemic Bread, which are both being adapted to film, to the travails of publishing, domestic violence and the Covid 19 pandemic.

Authors in the Tent is in its fourth season. My interview is the most recent one released, but earlier episodes are available at this link:

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