Postcards from the Pandemic – Holy Week Edition

Banana Bread with Spiced Oatmeal Crumble

I retired from organized religion years ago, but remember all too well the dreariness of Lent, when good Catholics were expected to abstain from chocolate or wine or some other delectable indulgence. Ironically, for Lent this year, the Covid 19 pandemic compelled me to revert to being that “good Catholic” once more, for I had to abstain from a favorite indulgence: cooking dinner for friends.

Consequently, I have become obsessed with cooking dinner for family. Not just a meal, but dessert. Here is ourHoly Week of meals.

Miso Mushroom Pasta from Food52

Gochujang Chicken with Roasted Root Vegetables and Radish Pickles – from the NY Times

Red Curry Lentils with Sweet Potatoes and Spinach from the NYTimes

Apart from cooking, another source of solace in this time of social distancing is the view from my kitchen window. Some weeks ago, a pair of mourning doves decided to nest in the hanging planter of fuschias.

The floral facade conceals the birds in back
The cat watched those doves as eagerly as we did
On Wednesday the bird beat the Easter Bunny to the Punch

There will be no photos of Easter Sunday dinner, because even obsessive cooks need to take a day off.

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