Postcards from the Pandemic


Slow Cooker Collards

It took nearly two weeks and three groceries to assemble ingredients for Sunday dinner.  One night, smoked ham hocks were all that remained in the meat section at Vons. I froze them and hoped. Several days later, collards showed up  at the halal grocery  I grabbed 5 bunches. The salmon came from a third store.  Doing the groceries has turned into a scavenger hunt.

Recipes here:

Salmon with Anchovy Caper Butter 

In all other respects, Covid-19 has slowed everything down. In place of the regular morning routine of carpool duties and  yoga classes, I rise before 7 to disinfect kitchen counters, feed the cats and find some quiet time to write before the rest of the family gets going. Because now the three of us are in each other’s space all day, every day.

Yesterday Sofia laughed when I said  I was “going to yoga.” I wasn’t going anywhere but downstairs to the living room to follow a free class on Youtube.

Yoga with Kassandra seems particularly apt these days, given that her namesake was the Greek goddess of catastrophic prophecies that no one believed.

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