The Embassy of the Philippines Hosts The Mango Bride

Someone once said that Washington D.C. was Hollywood for unattractive people, but I beg to disagree.  The book event held last night at the Embassy of the Philippines was just about as glamorous as it gets.  A hundred some people showed up to listen – not only Filipinos or Filipino Americans, but  World Bank and ADB  Executives, State Department officials, Peace Corps folk, sundry academics, a contingent from the US Philippines Society and Ambassador John Maisto.  Old high school and college friends came too.  Indefatigable organizer Butch Arroyo did everything from picking up the food, to coordinating between embassy folk and two alumni associations.  The inimitable Erwin de Leon delivered a response to my reading, lovely speeches were made and everyone laughed at my jokes.

After the reading, Gra, Kiko, Augusten and I walked off into rain-washed streets looking for a suitable bar for our after party. Nothing like walking round Dupont Circle in glittery killer heels and a twirly gown on a balmy D.C. night,  with old  friends  from U.P. We Cinderellas stayed up long past midnight and  none of us turned into pumpkins.

The pictures in this album speak for themselves.

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