Pirates and Thieves

Even as I struggle to find a lit agent to rep my second novel, a google alert notifies me that a book I published 14 years ago, and whose digital edition was recently released, is now being offered FREE by some Trump-adelic morally-challenged pirate website. http://enterbooks.net/…/olip-gdr13169641-books-s1s11399262s…

I am so fucking fed up with this bullshit. So I wrote them this email:

Dear Pirates and Thieves,

A Google Alert notified me that you are offering free copies of my book, Suddenly Stateside, to your subscribers. Gee, thanks for choosing my book to steal. Thanks for profiting off a book that took me over a year to write. Thanks for giving it away without thinking that MAYBE you might offer me royalties for the “sharing” of a book that I wrote while working a minimum-wage paying day job so that I could support my writing vocation.

Thank you for leeching off of artists who are trying to make an honest living with the skills they have, which are already poorly compensated. Because you know, not STEM.

Thank you and all your subscribers for being assholes who produce nothing original of your own and compensate for your abysmal lack of talent and originality by stealing my stories. For stealing my life, which fed those stories.

Thank you for nothing. Which is what you pay me — that’s right, a big fat slice of fucking NOTHING — every time you offer my ebook for free to your equally ethics-free subscribers.

All the worst,

Marivi Soliven Blanco
Suddenly Stateside
…Among other things

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