Fallbrook Phenom

I continue this commemoration of Women’s History Month   with a guest blog  written for Kit-Bacon Gressitt’s website, Excuse Me, I’m Writing.  It’s the best way I could thank KB, given everything she did for The Mango Bride last  year. Back in May of 2013, KB didn’t know me from Eve when she contacted my publicist at Penguin, wanting to arrange a reading in Fallbrook.  I had never been to Fallbrook, didn’t know anyone there, and because I am freeway-phobic, had to persuade another dear female friend, Erin Dwyer to drive there with me.

It was the first stop on last year’s 17-city book tour that I had absolutely no hand in setting up.  That work fell to the inimitable Ms. Gressitt.

Kit-Bacon Gressitt, one woman dynamo

She not only found a spot for the reading at the beautiful new public library in Fallbrook,

A local artisan forged the library's wrought iron room divider
A local artisan forged the library’s wrought iron room divider

but also wrote up a wonderful review for my novel:


produced  a poster;


brought in her local reading group to attend and sold copies.

KB urging folks to support the printed word.
KB urging folks to support the printed word.

The woman is a force of nature.  This month I celebrate KB and all the fabulous women of the past year  and earlier who in some way contributed to the formation of The Mango Bride.  Let’s begin by clicking on the link below:


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